Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A missing in action blogger!

Hello everyone! I apologize for being so busy, the blog should be up and updated within the new few weeks. I'm getting surgery so I'm a bit out of commission but I do have many more shoes to update as well as some other great purchases! Stay tuned! -Riry

Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm still alive, I swear!

Hello readers!

I'm sorry to have disappeared from my blog. I've been swamped with work for an event I am helping to throw. Also I actually am in the process of selling the two newest pieces of my collection (they're not in any entries and both are pre-loved) to fund the purchase of my ULTIMATE HOLY GRAIL! Surprisingly this item is not a pair of shoes but is something I've wanted since I was 16 but could never bring myself to buy because of the high cost. However I finally bit the bullet and it is enroute to me! I can't wait to show you guys!

Friday, March 2, 2012

My sale season sleeper pick

Hello! We're on my ninth pair of CLs in my current collection and my TENTH pair overall! The Lady Indiana 140 in black. The funny thing about this next pair is that I didn't even know they existed until almost a week into sale season. I had only seen them in the brown/cognac color and in the sling version so they didn't especially appeal to me. However, I saw someone post these on the TPF sale thread and they said they were available at barneys online. When I checked the website they were no longer available in my size but I decided to try the retail stores. I called the SF Barneys and they had them in stock. I ordered them in my tts of 37.5 and they arrived in about 3 business days. When I got them and tried them on the first thing I noticed was "OMG, SO MUCH TOE!" Seriously since these utilize the peep toe that they use on the Banana, the peep is about the same width as the VP, but much longer, so the vamp is actually a very thin band rather than the standard 1 inch+ width. As a result it exposes virtually the entire length of my super long first carrot toe and also exposes how fat my big toe is. I debated about returning them but they were a great price AND my boyfriend loved them. In fact these are his second favorite of all my CLs (the black Magos are his favorite). So after considering it all I decided to keep them. I especially like the rivet detailing and the threading on the heel and platform. Besides one other pair these are my only other solid black pair.

 See how long my toes look? GRRRRRR Pet peeve embodied right there! If they weren't otherwise so great I would've returned them for that reason alone!

 I have to apologize for the bug bites as I was attacked by fire ants while feeding the squirrels (yes I feed squirrels when I'm on campus and carry a bag of walnuts in my purse). Also because I take pictures of my shoes in batches, but feet are extra swollen in these pictures because we've been eating a lot of salt and I was in heels all day.
 One of our fur babies decided to pose with me for pictures! His name is Sylvester and he is incredibly affectionate and most of our friends refer to him as a "cat-dog". He follows us around and waits for us at the door when we come home.

In terms of comfort I find these very comfortable. In fact these have become my workhorse/go-to pair of CLs. The bottoms of these are definitely going to be the first ones that need to be sent in either for vibramming (adding rubber soles for increased traction) or sent to MM7 (the official CL cobbler) to have them completely resoled with the original CL red soles. I haven't really decided yet since they're not horrible, but they are definitely the most beaten up of all my pairs. They run tts or the same as the Bananas. The 140mm heel is pretty manageable because of the platform and they aren't too brutal. I think the toebox is fairly decent as well. I will say that it seems somewhat short, almost Mago short but not super narrow so definitely not too bad. I'd say it's about the same width as the VP toebox but shorter. Clearly they are pretty comfortable since I wear them they most. I just love how the black goes with everything but the riveting makes them incredibly unique. HOWEVER I still have complaints about how much of my toes the peep exposes. It seriously makes my second toe look freakishly long. However I do love them and despite the peeptoe I don't regret getting them. Besides given that they were a sale shoe I can't really complain right? I do believe that this is a shoe that is much cuter on in real life they it appears online. Also I definitely prefer the pump version of these to the slingback. I don't know if I would say these are my favorites but they are definitely the most wearable so I would say I love them for their functionality because really they can go anywhere (except for work interviews because peeptoes are in my opinion NEVER appropriate for any sort of job interview).

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Turn up the lights in here baby, extra bright I want y'all to see this. Turn up the lights in here baby, you know what I need, want you to see everything, want you to see all of the lights.

Whoops! Forgot to post this entry even though it was already drafted! We'll continue after this post with my TENTH pair of CLs. I apologize for the confusion.

Sorry for the cheesy title but that's what I think of every time I wear these next shoes. Now I know I introduced my Maralenas and those have their own sort of sparkle, but these next ones are also EXTRA SPARKLY! I'd like to introduce you to my Jenny 150 Glitter York Slingback!

I purchased these after I got the Maggies making these my Seventh shoe. So the story behind my fascination with the Glitter York glitter begins with the Bibi. I first tried on the Bibi glitter york when they along with the Amethyste patent Biancas came out. Anyways I had gone to the mall with a friend and his girlfriend and along the way we met one of her friends. Long story short her friend made some super rude and irritating comments which pissed both me and A off. Essentially she disparaged Nordstroms and then followed this up with a super snarky comment about how she thought the blue Magos were nicer than the Amethyste Biancas, but "they looked more expensive and might be out of my price range". Little did she know that the pair of Blue Magos(which A admired and was super proud of me for scoring) sitting on the floor were the pair I wore into the store (maiden voyage) and ironically they are the same price as the Biancas. Either way I really wanted to go "Bish, just because you don't own CLs and can't afford them don't be giving me attitude... dumba**" But the classy lady in me didn't say anything even though A and I looked at each other and WE knew. So at this point I was in angry mode (which normally means I need to leave the vicinity of the source of anger or I will implode) and while I loved the Glitter York print I did not love the Bibi since I like thinner heels. A told me more styles would be coming in GY and he told me to wait. So I did.

A few days later I walked into Nordstroms to check on the sale book and A told me that he had set some shoes aside for me. The GY print had come in in the Jenny 150 slingback and because A had heard that they run big he set aside the 37 and the 37.5 for me. I knew that they had come in a slingback and a pump and I asked A his opinion. He told me either was fine but he personally felt that slingbacks were more feminine and the peek of skin because of the sling made the shoe more intimate. I went with his advice and opted for the slingback. I wasn't sure if I should have been buying these since I had pre-saled quite a few sale shoes but they were so beautiful that I couldn't resist and bought them. So yes I did walk in with the intention of getting a sale shoe but walked out with a full priced one *doh*. I did in fact size down 1/2 size and took the 37.

These were also taken in the same batch as the Maggies so my feet look extra swollen here as well. Unfortunately they're not taken in full sunlight which really shows their sparkle! I'll have to do a shoe porn entry of pictures of these in sunlight.

These shoes are my special occasion shoes because they are so sparkly and eye-catching. I've worn them twice because while I love them, I have other shoes that are more practical that need love too. The Glitter York material is beautiful. It's predominately gold and features large glitter flakes. Up close however you'll see that in fact it is multicolored glitter! This is what causes the gorgeous rainbow shimmer it gives off. In terms of comfort these are very comfortable. The only slight complaint I have is because they are glitter encrusted, the area closest to the elastic has a tendency to rub against my ankle and it's quite abrasive due to the large glitter flakes. The toebox is about the same as the Lady Clou with about the same toe cleavage. So a not too tight or short toebox with medium toe cleavage. The 150 height is actually very manageable in my opinion because of the platform. As I mentioned they run about 1/2 size large which I think would play a bigger factor in the pump version of this shoe versus the slingback. I keep these as my "other peoples' weddings" shoe. Hey I may be swagger-jacking but it's not my fault my shoes are awesome! I know my Maralenas show these up but these are more practical and less delicate than the Maralenas. Overall I think these are perfect shoes for dressing up and can make any girl feel like a princess. I think I'd recommend the Glitter York print to anyone since it is so sparkly in real life. Besides at least I always know in these shoes everyone's eyes are on MY feet :D  

Monday, February 27, 2012

My most stressful Sale Purchase EVER

So my last story was about the easiest sale purchase ever. Now I'm following this with the most difficult shoe purchase EVER. This is my Ninth pair of shoes. They are the Toutenkaboucle 150 in Beige Suede. Now the story behind these is incredibly stressful and it still pisses me off today. So get ready for a long story.

Essentially as I mentioned, my SA, A, showed me the pre-sale book about 2.5 weeks before the actual first pre-sale date of June 1st. So I had really liked the Toutenkaboucle as a regular priced shoe but because I had purchased so many shoes already I decided to take my chances and wait for the sale. So, I was super happy when they were in the book. The Toutenkaboucle (TTK) ran small so my size in them was a 38 or 38.5. Nordstroms also only carried the version that came in Taupe Canvas with a wooden heel which was what I preferred since the other versions came in suede and I was worried they would get dirty. A checked the system for me and there was one pair of 38s in the system. They were at the San Francisco (SF) store. So A pre-sold them to me by asking the current manager at the SF store to place the sale tag on them. Because I thought I had them secured, I passed on the TTK from other stores. The actual sale date (June 15th) rolls around and my card gets charged. I decide to call and make sure that the shoes are being shipped via 2 day shipping as I requested. I called the Houston Nordstroms and it turns out A was on vacation, but the manager said he would check on them for me. The manager then calls me back and tells me that the shoes can't be found at the SF store. I of course am like "WTF?!!!! WHERE ARE MY SHUZZZZZ?!!!" So he tells me that he'll call back tomorrow and find out what is going on because the SF manager is not in.

Well the next day the Houston manager calls me back and says that the shoes are GONE. The SF store claimed that BEFORE they were sold to me they were pre-sold to another client and she is the one who picked them up. Also the manager that A secured the shoes with left the company about 3 days after the shoes were sold to me. That was TOTAL BS because the day A pre-sold my shoes was also the FIRST day that the sale list had been released to all of the Nordstroms in the U.S. So their explanation was a load of horsesh*t. Of course now I was livid and the manager at the Houston Nordstroms was too because I'd worked closely with him as well. So he goes "Don't worry Riry, we're going to try to make this right". Now I was super angry that the SF Nordstroms had essentially screwed me out of my #1 Sale shoe and because I was never told about this I passed on the exact same shoe when offered to me by my other SAs at other stores. However this is why A and the staff at the Houston's Nordstroms are my favorite people to work with when buying designer shoes. They did make it right. The shoes had gone for 40% off at Nordstroms, but were only 30% off at Saks which is essentially why I didn't try to get them from Saks (they were also 40% off at the boutiques). However my wonderful team at the Houston Nordstroms pulled through in the clutch. The manager at Nordstroms was friends with the Manager at the Houston Saks. He called Saks and personally asked them if they would price match for me and explained the entire situation. Luckily they had my size in stock (I ended getting a 38.5 because on the suede the straps are more plush and the shoe runs 1/2-1 full size small so a 38 or 38.5 was fine). They also price-matched them which was awesome!

After literally losing my mind for about 2 days I was finally able to score the shoe that had been my top priority during sale season. I was super happy and incredibly grateful to the wonderful staff at Nordstroms for making it possible and for going above and beyond for me. Honestly ladies, a good SA is absolutely essential in making sure you score the shoes you want whether on sale or at full price. That is why I so mourn the loss of A as my CL SA. However I do still buy shoes from the manager at Nordstroms because he's great too, but A is still to date my favorite SA of all time.

Same swollen feet batch, but luckily they don't look so bad because of the straps.... YES! Another plus to these shoes :D

In terms of comfort and fit as I mentioned the TTK run small. At least 1/2 size small but I'd recommend going up a full size especially if you don't have mortons because the toe is very almond shaped and the edges sharply taper down both sides from the longest point of the toe. In terms of comfort these are AMAZING. They are incredibly comfortable. The straps hold your foot so securely and the suede provides a nice cushion for your foot (which the canvas didn't). Also they look incredible on. I get so many compliments on this pair. I've even had an SA from Ferragamo rush up to me go "OMG I LOVE your shoes!" Keep in mind though these are 150mm heels which is a solid 6 inch heel. The platform isn't especially large either. I believe the platform is about 30mm in my opinion but the heel is very thin. They can become straining on your feet and ankles after wearing them for extended periods of time but for 150s they are incredibly comfortable. They are great with so many outfits from BCBG power skirts to skinny jeans. Obviously because they are a sandal style the toebox isn't really a factor but I will rate the length of the toebox as medium. To me it seems to be about the same as the Mago due to the sharp taper. The straps are also adjustable because of the buckles so they could technically be compatible for people with wider feet. I always imagine myself at some hot club in Miami when I wear these because they are truly super sexy on. While these were my biggest hassle to locate out of all my shoes, I think the hunt just made me love them more. Plus they make my legs look super long and what lady doesn't love that?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

The easiest sale shoe purchase EVER

So we're up to my Eighth CL shoe purchase (I've decided to not count the Altadama). Now as I'm sure most of my readers has noticed I went pretty hard on the Spring 2011 collection since I loved it so much, but there were a few pairs I really liked, but didn't full price like as much as my other purchases so I lurked around and waited for sale season. I'm lucky in that I have managed to build relationships with a few SAs at different stores and they were all helpful in letting me know what shoes would make it to sale season so they could begin pre-saleing them to me. I had a minor breakdown during sale season because my #1 Choice encountered a major road block, but that's a story for next time. However there was one pair I really wanted because 1. They were supposedly the most comfortable CL style EVER, and 2. The boyfriend loved the print. That pair was the Woodstock Very Prive in Nude/Pink. I was able to pre-sale the shoe through my Neiman's SA about 2 days before the official pre-sale began. On the day of shoe pickup I went in and literally just picked them up! No mishaps, no missing parts, nothing to stress me out! Of course at this point I was super stressed about one of my other sale shoes but I now appreciate how smoothly this particular sale transaction went.

Since I wear a lot of pastels and neutrals these easily fit into my wardrobe because they are actually a really good nude for me (I have pinkish undertones in my skin rather than the standard yellow that most Asians have). Also the 120 heel makes them one of the most manageable pairs in my collection as it stands now (I finally have 3 pairs of 120s even though for the longest time I had 2). The thing I love is that it matches one of my favorite dresses (which the boyfriend bought me!) and it really helps to tie the outfit together. Also they are made of a suede-like material (maybe it is suede) but it does scuff rather easily so you have to be careful. I know the Woodstock isn't everyone's favorite, but I really like the "cloud-like" pattern on it.

Once again these were taken in the swollen foot batch so excuse the ugly feet. As you can see the pattern in the back is more pronounced and gorgeous than on the front and sides. The pattern looks AMAZING against the red sole.

Now on to comfort. What I'm about to say is like blasphemous in the world of CLs, but honestly I don't find the VP especially comfortable. Something about this shoe rubs blisters on my third toe and I find the pitch weird for me. I took these in a 38 because I noticed the material doesn't stretch as much as regular suede and also they didn't have a 37.5 so I heel grip them which is fine. Also because of how fat the tomato toe is for some reason my toes can only "peep" which is another reason for sizing up. I don't find these extra brutal but they're not my most comfortable pair. I actually find the Maggie 140 much more comfortable than this pair but this may be because my toes suck (in case you haven't noticed this is my explanation for any shoe fitting in a less than anticipated manner). But yes, if I wear them for extended periods of time I can get blisters on my third toe (on the top of the joint). It's not guaranteed, but it's happened a few times. I think it's because my feet slide forward and somehow the third toe will slightly curl on itself and rub in certain situations. Maybe I should've just gotten these in a 37.5 as I assume this would tighten the toe box a bit so my third toe wouldn't have room to curl a bit. Eh, lesson learned but I doubt I can find a 37.5 so I'll just continue to make these work since they fit fine otherwise. The 120 heel does make it less straining on your ankles and feet overall and the toebox is roomy. I just don't get why it doesn't work for me. Overall despite the fact that they aren't as comfortable as everyone's rave reviews, they aren't feet killers either. I'd say they're average in comfort. However because the pattern is beautiful, I still love them. I think they're really dreamy in real life and add a lady-like feeling to any outfit. If you ladies ever get a chance I totally recommend that you get a pair in the pink/nude! You won't regret it! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My UHG realized!

Now onto my 6th pair of CLs. So as I mentioned in my post about the Lady Clous, the first ever shoe that I fell in love with from Christian Louboutin was the Lilac Navy Maggie released in the Fall of 2009. This was the first ever season that CL released the Maggie and it came in two color combinations: Tobacco/Black and Lilac/Navy. I first saw them modeled by a tpfer named PANDA_USC. They looked gorgeous on her and I loved them, but alas as I mentioned I just wasn't ready to spend $1000 on a pair of shoes. So I let them go. However in the spring of 2011 when I finally began to buy CLs, I always remembered those Lilac Navy Maggies and I always hoped to find a pair. Unfortunately I learned that the Tobacco/Black and Lilac/Navy Maggies were literally on the HG (Holy Grail) list of almost every tpfer. I figured my chances were slim to none of ever finding them. One day my friend Roxy posted a picture of her Lilac Navy Maggies that she bought pre-loved off another tpfer. They just looked so amazing!

Photo courtesy of Roxy! This photo renewed my determination to get a pair because they are gorgeous!

In my depression I decided to call the boutiques and see what they had going on. I called the Las Vegas boutique only to find out that they were releasing the Maggie in multiple colorways for Fall 2011. I immediately placed myself on the waitlist for the Maggies in Red/Oyster, Nude Patent/Suede, and Indigo/Violet. I was first on all three waitlists as I was the first person to even ask about them. I was actually the first person to post about them in tpf (my first ever tpf first!) and subsequently started a rush on them as many devoted Maggie lovers from tpf began to call the boutiques. However while the boutiques assured me that the Indigo/Violet Maggie was similar to the Lilac/Navy when pictures were released I was so disappointed! They were nothing like my beloved Lilac/Navy! The Lilac/Navy was done entirely in suede while these were half nappa and half suede. Also the Violet was very Purple and the Indigo was very dark. I was so upset that I even thought about just abandoning my search for the Maggie all together.

I decided to take a chance and ask Panda who I had become friends with through tpf and see if she was willing to part with her Maggies. To my disappointment she had already sold them to another tpfer. She mentioned to me that a friend of hers might be selling her pair and I asked if she would be willing to ask for me. During this conversation she mentioned a fact about this friend of hers and I realized that I was friends with this person too! It was Roxy! I shot Roxy a facebook message and to my delight she responded and was willing to sell them to me! I immediately sent over payment (this was also a contributing factor in the return of the Chouquette as 6 pairs in about 2 months is pretty intense) and nervously awaited their arrival. Ironically they arrived on the day of my 23rd birthday! It was the best birthday present ever! I told Panda that I had bought Roxy's Maggies. She was super surprised and goes "You know those are my Maggies right?". It turns out that Panda sold her Maggies to her friend. They turned out to be too small for this friend so she in turn sold them to Roxy, and Roxy ultimately sold them to me! So literally the shoe that made me fall in love with CLs is now part of my collection and it is one of my most beloved pairs ever! The fact that it is the exact shoe that made me interested in CLs just makes it that much more special.

This was taken the day I got them in the mail! Also the day of my 23rd birthday!

Sorry for the ugly feet, the pictures taken by my boyfriend were taken in a batch along with pictures of my next few shoes. Unfortunately my feet are really swollen in these pictures because we ate a lot of salt today AND I've been in heels all day so literally the ugliest possible time to take pictures. Also my feet were attacked by fire ants while I was wearing flats the day before so they are possibly the ugliest they've ever been!

A picture of these in action! Taken in the bathroom at Kenny and Ziggy's.

I think I would die before I sold these because I wanted them so badly. I try to be extra cautious when I wear them because if anything happened to them I'd probably burst into tears. In terms of fit and comfort, I personally find the fit slightly small. My Maggies are a 38 and they fit me perfectly. My CL tts is a 37.5 and I consistantly size in this and use this as a reference for sizing up and down. The Fall 2009 Maggies were only released as a 140mm heel. They are in my opinion very comfortable. I've heard people say that they felt the toebox was tight, but I didn't really think this was the case (Mortons FTW!). Because of how the toebox is shaped it is actually extremely suited to people with Mortons. The almond toe make it easy for my longer second toe to not feel crushed and my big toe of course isn't the issue lengthwise either. The heel height is realistic and isn't a strain at all. I've heard the Maggie toebox being compared to the Mago toebox. They are totally different in my opinion. The Mago is incredibly short and narrow. I do believe that the Maggie's toebox at the end is the same as the Mago, but because the toebox is longer the feeling is completely different in my opinion. I can wear my Magos all day, but it is extremely uncomfortable. These in comparison are a breeze. I would rate these as very comfortable. Overall in terms of looks, comfort, and just overall awesome-ness, these Maggies are one of my favorite pairs of all time!