Thursday, February 16, 2012

Magos.... for the classy lady

So as I'm sure many of my readers have noticed, I have chosen to run through my CL collection first. I have the most shoes from this brand, but along the way I have picked up other goodies from other designers but I will get to them later.

So up now we have my Christian Louboutin Black Mago 140 in a size 38. I believe these are my 4th pair as I purchased the Chouquette that same day. Funny thing is that I actually originally bought a 37.5 but they shipped a 38 to me. When I discovered this problem I contacted my SA and he had another pair sent in (the only other pair in the entire company system). The other pair would have fit too, but for some reason this 38 fit almost identical to the 37.5. The difference was literally about 1/4 of a centimeter in length (instead of the appropriate full centimeter). For this reason I went with the 1/4 of a centimeter longer 38. So the story behind my Magos is this: When I first saw the shoe I liked it, but I wasn't sold. I then sort of wrote them off my list. In fact I didn't even consider the black. I debated about the blue but instead I chose to buy the Royal Blue Watersnake Altadama.

 This picture is of the lovely Cecilia's RB WS ADs (lol tpf talk!). Notice the detailing and how bright they look! I loved them as soon as I saw the stock pictures.

Now about those, they were beautiful! I've heard issues about the dye on the watersnakes from Spring 2011 but mine were PERFECT! However the issue wasn't the dye or the heel height; it was my fat big toe. I've discovered that as a shoe the Altadama is incompatible with my feet. This is because the peep is slightly smaller than the Very Prive. As a result my fat big toe takes up all the peep space and my longer second cannot escape the confines of the shoe. Consequently my second toe gets crushed within the toebox and yes... this means crippling pain. No matter what I did, I could not shift my tomato toe over far enough to let carrot toe #1 escape. So they had to go back to Neimans. I didn't even take pictures of them on! Once I stuffed my foot in them they hurt so bad that I immediately yanked them off. I tried a 38 but same problem; my fat toe blocked the peep and in the 38 I had a lot of heel slippage and a visible gap so it clearly wasn't a length issue. It was just my janky toes. But anyways since they didn't even last a full day in my possession (I had mine shipped from the Troy, MI store and I literally opened the box and then drove to the Houston Neimans to return them) I don't count them as part of my collection. But, back to the Magos!

I wandered into Nordstroms one day and they had them on display in black so I asked to try them on. Through this request I met (in my honest humble opinion) the best CL SA I have ever had. We'll call him A and he was the Asst. Manager of Salon Shoes at the time (A no longer works at Nordstroms). I loved the way the shoe looked on, but I decided to sleep on it. I wandered over to Neimans and purchased the Chouquette, but the Magos nagged at me. I ran back to Nordstroms and asked for a pair of 37.5s to be shipped in for me. I actually tried on another pair of 38s in the store at Nordstroms and those were big on me, I had heel slippage on both feet! So my wonderful SA called Chicago and had them ship a pair of 37.5s via 2 day delivery for free! When I got them they were in a 37.5 box so I never thought to check the actual sizes on the bottom of the shoe and when I tried them on they were perfect (slightly tight on the left, very slight heel slippage on the right which is normal for me). However when I received my second pair of Magos (my next pair I'll be introducing) I noticed that the other pair was ever so slightly smaller and when I checked those were 37.5 but these were 38. Like I mentioned, because they were an extremely small 38 I chose to stick with them over the second pair of 37.5s that A was able to locate for me because the other pair had slight scratches on the sole AND they were virtually the exact same size, hence the final decision to go with this pair. In reality since I wore them out immediately after I left Nordstroms that day, the scratches were negligible. HOWEVER, as any true louboutinista will tell you, there is nothing like scuffing them up yourself. Who wants to buy a pre-scuffed shoe? Not me, which is why I went for the pristine soles :D

As you can see these are EXTREMELY classy and gorgeous on (pardon the polka dot jammy shorts). You even get an outfit of me with these on! I no longer have the gorgeous blonde hair which is a story in itself, but I do still have the Magos in black.

Now onto the fit of these shoes. To be completely honest I have a love/hate relationship with my Magos. As in I Love the way they look on, but HATE the way they feel on. These are one of the more "toe crushing" styles out there. The main issue with the Mago is the extremely short and narrow toebox. This essentially means that not only are your toes crushed on the sides, but a lot of the pressure from your weight is on the portion of the ball of your foot closest to your toes.... double owie! I can't even imagine these in the 160mm heel height. I actually do not have any 160s in my collection. This is because most 160s don't catch my eyes and while I like the Daffodil and her sister the Lady Daff, my boyfriend hates them and they officially occupy the top spots on his black list of death. Back to the Magos. Because they are a 140mm heel this means a lot of pressure on your feet because 140mm is still a 5 inch heel and all that pressure is condensed on your poor crushed toes. Another slight issue that I have with the Mago is the sheer amount of toe cleavage these shoes display. Seriously there is so much toe cleavage with them that if it was any other sort of cleavage it would be considered indecent! I'm not really bothered by it, but I would like a bit more coverage so people cannot notice how fat and short my big toe is. The body is slightly narrow but not abnormal for CLs. Overall I would have to honestly say these are rather uncomfortable. However as they say "Beauty is Pain" and man are these babies beautiful! I don't mind suffering for them because they truly are gorgeous in real life!

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